Friday, February 13, 2009


I did it. I began my first non-accessory knitted item. Thanks to the very helpful sales associate at Stitch Craft, (which is a very nice LYS that's closer than my favorite CloseKnit but without the super impressive selection) I felt prepared to take on a project to challenge my skills. I know more accomplished knitters would sneeze at the antrophologie inspired capelet but for me this is a rather frightening undertaking. Keeping track of the increases, making sure I have a consistent tension, putting the sleeves on hold then going back to them, all of these things are unchartered territory for me. I started today and my goal is to have it done in a week, which seems doable. It is a relatively small project after all, only requiring the three balls of Rowan Little Big Wool that I scored at the sale last weekend. Here's my progress so far:

This looks tiny in the picture but in actuality that hole is a neck hole big enough for my neck to fit in. I've done about 4 inches so far, starting from the top, and to the best of my knowledge no mistakes yet.

Now for Hula show and tell. She is so cute, she still thinks she's a tiny puppy, even though she's almost 2 and weighs over 60 pounds. She loves to cuddle and to be held.

She'll hold still when Chris carries her around, she loves the attention.

Look at those frog legs! She lays like that, or with her legs sticking straight out behind her, all the time.
Disregard dirty clothes, they were wrestling while I separated the laundry.


  1. Hahah!!! I love your concern about the condition of the clothes.

  2. We should totally go to anthropologie again one day to seek inspiration.