Sunday, February 8, 2009


Huge sale at my favorite yarn store this weekend. Selected yarns 40% off, all the rest 20% off. A-mazing. In addition to that, this place is in Portland (Oregon) which means no sales tax! I had a couple of projects I wanted yarn for in mind so I didn't come away with huge amounts of stuff, like the lady in front of me in line who bought over $300 dollars worth of purple Lorna's Laces. But I did get some Rowan Little Big Wool and some Misti Aplaca Chunky. These are destined for an Anthropology-inspired caplet/shrug and a ribs and ruffles scarf.

In other news, I GOT AN iPHONE! My most amazing husband Chris surprised me with one when he came home from work this week. He had said he wanted me to have one when I was eligible for an upgrade, but I didn't realize it would be so soon. He did it all by himself and even got me a pink case for it, which is good because I tend to drop things a lot. I like it best for all of the awesome things it can do, and least for the actual phone part. The touch screen causes me to accidentally call people. (Me in photo enjoying new toy, disregard pajamas.)

Lastly a little recognition for one of the sweetest dogs in the world, Max, who my family got when I was about 8. He was the most loyal and loving boy ever. He even learned to kill snakes for my mom, sister and I when we'd be outside in the pastures and come across one. He'd had arthritis for the last few years and it go to a point where he could no longer walk on his own. He would have been 13 this weekend.

Max (blue merle Australian shepherd) with Hula and Cloe (the other family dog, 6 year old golden retriever). Rest in peace good boy!


  1. Aww those dogs are great. I'll be sad when I have to say farewell to my pups when I make the move up! :(

    And yay for your iPhone! I think I'll probably end up with one of those when I get over there. I have to buy new everything!!

  2. I will miss Max as well, he was a great man of God.

    Also. I'm glad you like your phone. It is the best ever,